The tool that’s generating 347% more positive reviews reviews for businesses.


“Is your business ready for the Reputation Economy? – Forbes

Increase Sales Up To 25%

A 5-star rating can can mean a 25% increase in revenue. Case studies from Forbes and The Wallstreet Journal show that each extra star a business has online translates into a 5% increase in sales and traffic.

84% of Consumers Read Reviews

According to case studies by Core Inc 85% of consumers read online reviews before making a purchase decision and 88% of those trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

Become Featured in Search Results

Search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing give top billing to businesses with higher ratings when consumers search. This alone can save thousands a year on other marketing and SEO costs.

Every Business Gets Online Reviews

It doesn’t matter what industry or how big or small your business is. Whether you’re a restaurant, hotel, solon, real estate agency, retail store, etc, online reviews effect your bottom line.

Here’s how it works…

Collect Reviews on Auto-Pilot

With Feedback Helper it takes less than a minute for your customers to leave a review of their experience, post it to top review websites along with joining your email and SMS list.

Mobile Responsive

Feedback Helper is usable on desktop computers, mobile phones and tablets. This allows customers to leave their review before they even leave your establishment.

Smart Filtering

You decide what reviews get posted online. Set Feedback Helper’s smart filter based on hoe many stars a consumer gives. (e.g. only 4+ star ratings are allowed to be published online and anything less is only seen by you.)

Customized to Fit Your Brand

Feedback Helper’s interface is not just user-friendly, but fully customizable to fit your business and represent your brand. You have the ability to use your brand colors, write a custom welcome/thank you message, brand the page with your logo and even add a store front image of your business.

Build Your List

With every review posted through your Feedback Helper page the customers name, email and mobile number is also collected to add to your email marketing and text message marketing lists. Export this data along with customer’s rating and comments into an easy to use CSV file.


No Software to Install

Feedback Helper runs entirely online inside the Sabia Solutions cloud. Completely safe, always up to date, always online.

Collect Priceless Employee Data

Every time a customer leaves a review through your Feedback Helper page they have the option to list the employee’s name who served them during their experience. Capitalize on this data by analyzing which employees correlate to positive or negative reviews.

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