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How we helped Capital Bling Jewelry Generate $84,329 in New Revenue.

“Revenue Copilot’s eCommerce Toolkit system was able to drive over 112,000 Vistors to our new eCommerce website which generated over $84,329 in New Revenue in just under 6 months!”

Nick Ross

Owner & CEO, Capital Bling Jewelry

The Problem

Capital Bling Jewelry designs and creates the highest quality, affordable jewelry using their patent-pending gold wrapping technology, but always struggled to reach the customer base they deserved.

Nick Ross, the owner of Capital Bling contacted us about our Retail Copilot System + eCommerce Toolkit to take his business to the next level increasing sales, website traffic, social media presence and brand awareness around his target audience.

Capital Bling had an outdated website running on an antiquated eCommerce platform. Their social media presence also left much to be desired with less than 7,000 followers across only two platforms. (Facebook and Twitter).

The Results

We started with a complete redesign of Capital Bling’s website upgrading it to a new eCommerce platform fully loaded with our own eCommerce Toolkit system with automated email campaigns, conversion optimization plugins and more.

We promoted this new website with mostly social media marketing focusing heavily on Instagram driving 360% more traffic the website and over 40,000 new active social media followers (and loyal customers).

Last but not least we used Facebook advertising using their existing customer list to build a lookalike audience of targeted leads already interested in their products. All with in less than 6 months.


More Traffic


More Sales

New Real Followers

New Email Subscribers

Our Strategy

Re-Branding & Web Design

A Complete Remodel

Our main focus for Capital Bling’s website was creating a worldclass mobile store since over 30% of their existing traffic was coming from mobile and we can plan on that doubling over the coming months.

By streamlining the checkout process with mobile optimized product pages, simple checkout form and even enabling Apple Pay so customers can purchase with one tap, customers are now able to find the product they want and check out in under 1 minute.

We also redesigned the desktop version of the website with new high quality product images, category buttons and a feature slider at the top of the home page helps notify customers of current sales and let them browse through each category with ease.

Now Mobile Ready

Bottom line is we’re transitioning to a mobile world and that includes retail. 84% of consumers use their smartphones to shop online and 3 out of 4 have made a purchase decision based of a social media post.

New eCommerce Platform

After upgrading to the Shopify eCommerce platform we were able to triple load times and site performance. Nick can now manage his entire business right from his smartphone and get instant notifications for every new order.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search traffic is without a doubt one of the biggest driver of sales. By optimizing image meta-data, adding keyword rich descriptions and URLs to all product pages and starting a new blog to take advantage of long tail keywords as well as content marketing, Capital Bling finally ranking on the first page of Google for their main target keywords.

Marketing Automation

Along with upgrading the backend with a new eCommerce platform we’ve installed out own suite of marketing automation tools that let’s the website collect new customer data and intelligently recover abandoned carts, send push notifications to customers about sales and create smarter email campaigns all on auto-pilot.

Video Marketing

We’re currently working with Capital Bling to create videos for each product to give customers the most accurate view of each beautiful product while also producing a brand story video to use in video marketing campaigns and feature on the home page to build trust and customer loyalty.

Social Media Marketing

35,000+ New Organic Followers

Between our marketing team and social automation system Capital Bling went from just a couple hundred to 5000+ new (100% real) followers each month. They now have over 40,000 following loyal fans on their Instagram profile alone. By performing the following tactics and more they n essentially have a virtual marketing team promoting their brand 24 hours day, 7 days a week.

12x Organic Growth

  • Automatically scraping generating laser-targeted user lists  / competitor’s followers
  • Strategically following and unfollowing
  • Liking 5000+ photos per day
  • Commenting on photos
  • Engaging with users directly via direct message and sending promotions
  • Running targeted paid ads and promoted posts
  • Even running multiple accounts to triple these results.

Content Creation

Working with their designers we’re able to create multiple high quality images (and videos) per product. We also include many with pricing info and product names making it easier for customers to find product info saving them hundreds of hours of design work per month.


Smart Posting Schedule

Now that Capital Bling has a constant stream of fresh content we’re able to strategically post 2-3 images per-day based on what time their customers are most active to keep up engagement.

Influencer Marketing

It is a fact that the most underpriced and underused form of advertising is influencer marketing. Nothing makes an easier sell than a one of a customer’s favorite artists or models showcasing your product to their fans, seeing it in their music video or giving it a glowing review on their YouTube channel.

Building an Email List

12,397 New Email Subscribers

One of the first things that stood out to us about Capital Bling’s marketing strategy was next to no attention giving towards building an email list. Within 3 and a half months we were able to collect just over 12,397 new email subscribers both from existing customers new leads. 

One of the biggest drivers of new revenue for their store was using inelegant abandoned cart campaigns to recover $19,127 in lost revenue over the course of 5 months, increasing their cart recovery rate from 2% to 9%.

We were able to collect 1,731 new leads by running a single giveaway on Facebook and Instagram supercharged with paid ads.

Smarter Email Marketing

One of the first things we did was scrap their old email campaigns entirely and began focusing more on building a connection with their customers and sharing valuable content both about their products, industry related media and giveaways. Open rates rose by 27% over the course of 2 months.

Abandoned Cart Recovery

When we started Capital Bling didn’t have any regular strategy in place to recover customers who abandoned their carts before checking out. Going from periodically reaching out to customers to implementing a smart auto-responder sequence their cart recovery rate went from less than 2% to 9%.

New Subscribers


Abandoned Cart Recovery


Open Rate

Mobile Marketing Tactics

Your customers anywhere, anytime

Besides social media, we noticed that Capital Bling was doing next to nothing when it came to mobile marketing. With more people around the world now owning smart phones than electricity or drinking water and desktop computers becoming more and more relevant, neglecting of mobile is a big mistake.

The first thing we did was install our push notification system on their website resulting in an instant boost in abandoned cart recovery and revenue. The next step was to begin collecting phone numbers and aggregating exciting ones from customer data to begin SMS marketing.

Push Notifications

Our push notification system allows customers to opt-in to receive pop up updates on their phones and desktop computers. Customers now receive updates about sales, cart reminders and shipping updates from the store the same as they would from other apps or social networks.

New Mobile Website

As mentioned above, The majority Capital Bling’s sales now come from their newly built mobile website. It is now mobile responsive fitting perfectly on desktops, notebooks, smart phones and tablets. Mobile traffic is up over 300% from just 3 months ago and load times are 4x faster.

Text Message (SMS) Marketing

Industry studies show that text messages have open rates averaging 98% far out performing email which averages just 3-10%. We’ve added new phone opt-in forums onto the website as well as aggregating exciting ones from past customer data.

New Ways to Pay

We also enabled mobile specific features like Apple Pay allowing iPhone users to checkout just by scanning their fingerprint. Other payment processors like American Express and PayPal are also rolling out new mobile optimized payment methods which we’re excited to get our hands on soon.

Guaranteed Fraud Protection

$2,500+ Saved Each Month

Month after month Capital Bling lost a crippling 7% of their monthly sales crippled by fraudulent chargebacks and credit card fraud having no way to securely verify customer data before fulfilling orders. This resulted in continuously having to tie up thousands of dollars for months on end fighting with banks and credit card holders with endless hours trying to prove fraud and retrieve that money. But now that we’ve partnered with Signifyd, it’s a thing of the past.


Guaranteed Fraud Protection

We’ve partnered with Signifyd to review, decide and guarantee each and every order to protect your business 100% from fraudulent orders. Every order is reviewed by hand by security professionals then given a 1 – 1000 score along with a comprehensive report including:

  • Credit card CVV verification
  • Customer’s purchase history
  • Billing and shipping address match
  • IP Address and Network check
  • If the customer used a secure internet connection

48 Hour Reimbursement

Now any time their store receives a chargeback from a customer fraudulent or not, Capital Bling is reimbursed in full with in 48 hours.

That means they no longer have to tie up thousands of dollars and dozens of hours every month fighting with banks and credit card companies and can spend more time on building their business.

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